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Heart screenings save lives

December 01, 2014

Paul Stanberry says he doesn’t know where he would be today without a heart screening.

As a father of six and the music director of the Hamilton-Fairfield Symphony Orchestra and Chorale, there is no shortage of people looking to him for direction.

Paul has a family history of heart problems. As a teenager, he watched his father pass away due to a heart attack. His father was only 53.

As someone who loves music, Paul sought a career doing what he loves. “I read a report from the American Medical Association that said conductors live longer than anyone else,” he says. “It’s not uncommon to find people in my profession who do it well into their 90s.”

After studying music at Bowling Green State University and the University of Cincinnati, Paul has been conducting ever since.

Paul’s risk factors

When Paul turned 50, he considered his risk factors (his age and family history) and decided he needed to be proactive and schedule a heart screening. “I didn’t have any symptoms whatsoever; it was just a routine checkup,” he says.

A startling find

When his results came in, he found not everything was normal. Paul had a blockage in the left anterior descending artery, more commonly known as the “widow-maker.”

Paul was referred to a doctor in Cincinnati and had a stent put in.

Years later that stent clogged, and Paul came to Fort Hamilton Hospital in an emergency situation with chest pains. After two more stents and then a pacemaker in 2013, Paul is feeling great and continues to do the things he loves: leading music and spending time with his family.

“It was the people at Kettering Health Network that saved my life,” says Paul. “I would strongly urge anyone with any risk factors to schedule a screening . . . don’t wait for symptoms to arrive.”

If you want to get peace of mind knowing your heart health, schedule a screening today!